Republican Math Fail: Mississippi Gov. Tells Democrats To Pay For Infrastructure With Tax Cuts


Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves steered that Biden pay for infrastructure by reducing taxes on the rich and companies.


Gov. Reeves stated on CNN’s State of the Union:

Nicely, I believe you pay for it in quite a lot of other ways.

A method you pay for it’s by seeing important improved financial development. We noticed that all through the Trump administration as a result of the insurance policies had been pro-business, they had been pro-growth, and revenues improved.

Now, sadly, throughout these 4 years, just like the 4 years earlier than that, they didn’t in Washington get management of spending. They really feel as if the debt doesn’t matter. You’re a debt burden in the present day of practically $30 trillion for Individuals.

And what’s finally going to occur — and it’s already taking place — as rates of interest rise, the share of our annual funds that goes to pay for curiosity expense goes to rise from what’s already an infinite stage of 15 to twenty p.c of all federal revenues goes to pay curiosity expense.

Gov. Reeves was mendacity concerning the cause why the nationwide debt exploded below Trump. It wasn’t spending that prompted the debt to develop. It was the tax cuts for the rich and companies that prompted a gap within the nationwide debt that it’ll take a long time to restore.

The Trump tax cut alone caused the federal budget deficit to soar by 31%.

The Trump tax reduce for the rich didn’t improve income. It blew a gap within the federal debt that it’ll take generations to repair. The Trump tax cut did not grow the economy or raise wages.

Republicans have subscribed so deeply to the fallacy that tax cuts for the rich generate income that they’ve deluded themselves into believing that they will pay for packages by taking income away from the treasury.

Republicans can now not do primary math. Two minuses don’t equal a plus.

The worst factor that Joe Biden may do could be to observe any financial coverage of Donald Trump.

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