Switching to Net Wrap for Hay Bales: 11 Reasons Why It’s the Best Material

net wrap

Net wrap is increasing its popularity and usage each year. Discover some of the most notable benefits that make this bale wrapping material the present and future trend.

Farmers are always looking for ways to do more with less. It is because the world population continues to grow, which means that we need more food to feed everyone. Hay baling is a simple yet effective process that can help you store grass and turn it into livestock feed without having an indoor storage space like a barn.

The best material for this job goes to net wrap because it allows you to create as many bales as you need, ensuring that you won’t waste any of your precious grass! Net wrap also has many other enticing benefits that make it hard to ignore if you want to bale effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of Net Wrap

Here are some notable benefits of using a net wrap for baling:

  1. It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to bale large areas without any issues.
  2. You can create as many bales as you need with net wrap because the material stretches easily. It means that if you accidentally over bale a piece of land, then you don’t have to worry about wasting your precious grass!
  3. Net wrap is waterproof, so it’ll protect your hay from getting wet during the rainy season or when given rainwater afterwards. If water does manage to get into your baling net wrap, then all you have to do is dry it out before using it again for another round of hay baling.
  4. The best thing about a net wrap? There won’t be any sharp edges poking your wrap with this material, which can happen with twine.
  5. Net wrap is 100% biodegradable, so you’re not going to have any issues disposing of anything that’s made from the net wrap, even when bales get wet or dry out.
  6. With net wrap for hay baling, it’ll protect your precious grass and make the job much easier! You won’t need a sharp blade to cut your netting down if there are knots in the material because this wraps itself around the whole bundle of hay without having any trouble getting through the knots.
  7. Since this has no seams or stitches, then it creates a tight seal on all sides – making sure no air gets into your bale while protecting your hay at the same time.
  8. Net wraps are also incredibly cheap, so you won’t need to worry about spending more than your budget permits.
  9. Net wrap is reusable year after year due to its durability against weather conditions such as rain or sun exposure (which will bleach out weaker materials).
  10. The last thing we want with hay baling is to have material left over, which can contaminate our bales, rot and make them unusable. Net wraps allow you to create as many bales as you need, ensuring that there won’t be any waste of your grass.
  11. Finally, net wrap is available in different colours and sizes, so you can find the one that suits your property and needs.


With all of these perks, there’s no denying the fact that net wrap is way ahead of the pack. It’s time to make the switch now!