Opinion: Republicans Are In Thrall Of A Demented Madman


It’s likely no American will ever totally comprehend why Republicans pledged their fealty to a nasty incompetent idiot like Donald Trump, however it’s clear that they have an excellent motive to stay loyal to a demented madman who hates them as a lot as he hates America. 

Historical past is not going to be variety to Donald Trump whether or not it’s as a enterprise man, a second-rate recreation present host, a pretend big-time wrestler, or as chief of the right-wing fascist political party.  However, it’s crystal clear that historical past is not going to be variety to the sycophants within the Republican Get together both; as a result of they’re, a minimum of, cognizant of the sort of tyranny Trump tried to unleash on the American folks in addition to his gross incompetence as the occupant of a spot he had no proper occupying.

One can perceive why the ignorant racist and spiritual fanatic class of America love Trump, however it will without end stay a thriller why Republicans deserted any semblance of loyalty to the U.S. Structure or the nation they declare to like to serve an honest-to-dog maniac.

It’s protected to say that aside from a minuscule variety of Republicans in Congress and the states, Republicans willingly fell in line to help something Trump dreamt up in his egomaniacal thoughts. Now that he’s no longer in command of decimating every thing good about America, one might suppose Republicans would shake the putrid Trump stench off their pathetic selves and return to simply being soiled conservatives; however that simply isn’t the case.

Regardless of supporting Trump like devoted puppets for 4 years and persevering with at present, Trump lashed out at 35 Home Republicans he claimed were “wayward” for not following his direct order to vote towards the bipartisan commission to research Trump’s tried coup d’état on January 6. As ordinary, the tyrant issued a not-so-veiled menace towards the “wayward” Republicans saying:

See, 35 wayward Republicans — they simply can’t assist themselves. Typically there are penalties to being ineffective and weak. The voters perceive! Republicans should get a lot more durable and far smarter, and cease being utilized by the Radical Left. Hopefully, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are listening!”

In fact McCarthy listened and regardless of saying that Trump “bears responsibility” for the assault on the nation’s Capitol, and receiving concessions from Democrats on his calls for for the proposed fee, he opposed the fee because he’s nothing if not an obedient canine.

It’s extremely doubtless that Senate Minority Chief McConnell is listening as effectively as a result of he, like McCarthy, opposes an intensive investigation into the lethal rebellion. Nonetheless, that opposition just isn’t almost sufficient for the tyrant Trump who lashed out at McConnell throughout an interview on OAN. Throughout that interview, Trump mentioned McConnell was the lead character in “the weak [Republican] management” on Capitol Hill. He went on to say:

I’m watching the negotiation — which is a one-way negotiation in Congress. They get no matter they need accredited. McConnell is hopeless, and he can’t cease something.”

After that comment, OAN’s Chanel Rion gave Trump a gap to unload on McConnell. She asked the fascist:

“Is there any actual distinction between Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, out of your expertise?

After feigning hesitation to put into McConnell, Trump replied:

I’ll let you know this, if Chuck Schumer have been there on the day of the vote counting, he would have mentioned there’s no means we’re going to approve this. When our folks arise, they get scolded, and so they instantly fold — Mitch McConnell is an instance.

However Chuck Schumer by no means would have accepted the results of that election. By no means would have accepted. They’d have been out within the streets. They’d have been marching. And Mitch McConnell says, ‘Effectively, now we have to get right down to enterprise now. We want a lot sharper, a lot more durable management. 

The sort of management Trump refers to is fascist tyranny and nothing else. McConnell may not deny the outcomes of the election and the world witnessed exactly what occurred when Trump despatched his angry insurrectionists to march within the streets straight to the Capitol to fight like Hell.

The prescient point is that regardless of an rebellion directed by Trump that threatened the lives of Republicans, together with his Vice President, and a staunch Republican opposition to a fee to find out what happened so it may by no means occur once more, Trump nonetheless tears into Republicans and so they willingly take it.

It can’t presumably be that each one Republican voters approve of an rebellion towards the federal government of the United States, so the oft-mentioned worry of the bottom simply doesn’t make sense. And it’s not that Trump has any government energy to wreck Republicans like Mitch McConnell and his management place within the Senate or Kevin McCarthy within the Home. Nonetheless, they serve Trump as if he is a god with the facility to snuff the life out of them.

 It’s doubtless that Republicans in Congress, and the states for that matter, agree with every thing Trump did whereas within the White Home together with inciting a rise up to put in Trump for a second, and likely third time period. As this column has repeated advert nauseam, Republicans help Trump not as a result of they’re afraid of him, however as a result of they help each unhealthy factor he stands for if it implys they get to maintain on to energy. And if it means being publicly condemned as weak and hopeless, they are going to take it because the price they need to pay to proceed advancingtheir fascist agenda.