Opinion – How Polish Girls Battle Their Proper-Wing Authorities


Till autumn 2020, abortion in Poland was solely authorized in three cases. Being pregnant might be legally terminated if it met both of the next circumstances: (1) the being pregnant posed a menace to a lady’s life or well being; (2) the being pregnant was a results of the ‘prohibited act’ (rape); or (3) it was extremely possible that the foetus is severely and irreversibly impaired and/or will endure from a life-threatening illness. On 22 October 2020, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal dominated that the third situation now not utilized. In response to this determination, and within the midst of a second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, Poland noticed a few of its greatest protests because the fall of communism.

The protests have been organised by the civil society motion, ‘Strajk Kobiet’. Having been lively for greater than 4 years, the organisation is combating the continual governmental affront on ladies’s rights. In 2016, the decrease home of the Polish parliament rejected a proposal to liberalise Polish abortion regulation. As an alternative, it continued working with a conservative anti-choice affiliation’s proposal, with the goal of fully prohibiting abortion. In response to this, a nationwide protest often called ‘Black Monday’ was organised. It gathered greater than 200 000 folks. The identify ‘Black Monday’ referred to the 1975 Icelandic women’s strike when 90% of Icelandic women took a day off (didn’t go to their paid jobs nor did any housework). Though the conservative anti-choice proposal was rejected, the motion remained lively and since grown into a worldwide phenomenon. In March 2018, the International Women’s Strike befell in 60 nations all over the world. Since then, the battle over ladies’s rights between conservative and liberal Poles continues.

The incessant makes an attempt to ban abortion is perhaps essentially the most seen impact of a extremely conservative, patriarchal tradition. However proposals like these don’t exist in a vacuum. Equally to other populist and right-wing governments, Polish officers unite of their affront in opposition to all issues regarding ‘gender’. The ruling celebration PiS is thought for numerous sexist statements. Present Schooling Minister, Przemysław Czarnek, additionally a professor on the Catholic College of Lublin, claims that gender is an ideology not science, further, it is ‘a false vision of man’. Czarnek additionally voiced his opinions on reproduction earlier than taking on his ministerial operate:

When you give beginning to the primary little one on the age of 30, what number of of those youngsters can you could have? These are the implications of telling ladies that they don’t need to do what God has referred to as them to do.

Searching for the termination of a being pregnant in Poland can also be tough on account of ‘conscientious objection’. Since 1996, medical doctors may legally refuse to carry out abortion on the grounds of battle of conscience with their Catholicism. When this clause was invoked, they needed to point out one other physician who they knew can be prepared to assist. Since 2020, this indication of an alternate contact is now not given. This, in impact, forces ladies to depend on casual networks and their very own contacts. Equally, medical doctors can refuse to supply prescription for contraception and the morning after capsule.

Unsurprisingly, the Polish authorities lately introduced that’s getting ready to withdraw from the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, higher often called Istanbul Conference. This human rights treaty focuses on methods to mitigate violence in opposition to ladies. Within the eyes of the Polish authorities, the Conference promotes ‘gender ideology’ and will subsequently be dropped.

The transnational phenomenon of a wide range of actors opposing what they have a tendency to name ‘gender ideology’, ‘genderism’, ‘cultural Marxism’, ‘gay propaganda’ or ‘gender concept’ is properly mapped by feminist scholars and commentators. Whereas the roots of this discourse will be traced to the Vatican, the final decade has seen distinguished backlash in opposition to ladies’s rights in quite a few nations. Protests against marriage equality, reproductive justice, gender mainstreaming, transgender rights or sexual education have been linked to rise in populism and bigger systemic political disaster of the liberal order.

Within the context of Central and Jap Europe, the ‘gender ideology’ turns into typically framed as a neo-colonial mission and/or a successor of Marxism/communism/socialism. Polish priest and professor, Dariusz Oko, claimed that ‘gender ideology (…) is worse than communism and Nazims’. At different instances, gender is seen as a colonising software utilized by ‘the West’ to impose its values within the area. That is notably seen by actors opposing the EU. This mixture of revoking historic trauma of totalitarian previous and feeding on up to date anti-EU sentiments makes the ‘anti-gender collective’ notably highly effective in Poland.

Though ladies’s protests in Poland usually are not new, present demonstrations are completely different from these of earlier years and never solely due to their scale and worldwide publicity. First, they’ve been going down throughout a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. In spring 2020, when the legislative proposal on the de facto ban on the suitable to abortion has been mentioned within the Polish parliament, ladies additionally protested. However the strikes through the first wave had a special character: because of the Covid-19 restrictions in Poland, protesters positioned black umbrellas and banners in home windows and balconies, organised automobiles blockades and carried banners in socially distanced queues to shops. In autumn the scenario escalated – Poland was only a step from the precise prohibition of abortion and folks took to the streets whereas risking their very own lives and the lives of their family members.

Because the variety of new COVID-19 circumstances in Poland was rising quickly, the federal government has been conveniently  blaming Strajk Kobiet demonstrations for it. Earlier opposition candidate for President, Rafal Trzaskowski, argued that the government timed their decision on this controversial piece of legislation to detract from their failures in managing the pandemic. One other attainable rationalization is that the federal government was relying on the severity of the pandemic stopping folks from protesting. Considerably, the authorized proposal has been despatched on to the Tribunal (what may imply nearly rapid ban) and the method has not adopted the usual legislative course of.

Second, the assist for the ruling Legislation and Order celebration (PiS) is lowering. The current presidential elections have revealed the size of division between extra a conservative and liberal Poland. The continuing protests additional broken PiS’s place as its assist has decreased from its typical 40-45% to an all-time low 30%. Another confirmation of the Poles’ dissatisfaction is a recent study that claims that 70% of Poles support the demonstrations organised by Strajk Kobiet while only 13% of the respondents took part in the protests. This demonstrates that protestors within the streets are solely a small share of all of those that disagree with proposed modifications in abortion regulation. The research additionally reveals that though ladies extra typically than males are collaborating within the protests, the assist for the strikes is comparable amongst every.

Undoubtedly, the Polish authorities was stunned by the size of the protests. The judgment of the Tribunal has not but been printed, even though the time period for its publication has already handed. That is extremely irregular. Within the meantime, two different laws proposals, that had been seen as a compromise by the federal government, have been additionally mentioned. Amongst them is the President’s proposal which goals at guaranteeing the safety from abortion of kids with Down syndrome. Strajk Kobiet firmly rejects this proposal and provides 13 postulates that, apart from abortion on demand, refer to e.g. LGBT’s community rights, climate, and education. In accordance with the most recent assertion of the federal government, they intend to attend on publishing the Tribunal’s judgment till the Tribunal publishes its justification. When this occurs just isn’t identified. The uncertainty concerning the authorized scenario led some hospitals to declare cessation of performing abortion while others inform that they won’t stop it until the judgment is published.

The federal government finds itself in a tough place, not just for its failures in managing the pandemic and protests in opposition to abortion regulation proposals, but in addition because of the nearly fixed dispute with the EU concerning the principles of regulation. Poles usually are not taking the streets solely to oppose the abortion legal guidelines, they wish to defend their freedom and democracy.

On this tough place, the federal government may merely undertake the President’s proposal, naming it as a compromise, and wait till folks cease protesting. Nonetheless, the size of the protests and persistence of the Polish folks is clearly stopping them from making any rash selections. A lot will rely on the willpower proven of the protesters through the ever-worsening pandemic and a winter making their battle a lot tougher. The query is that if this social discontent can stand up to till the subsequent parliamentary elections in 2023. Lastly, the scenario in Poland is a symptom of the worldwide backlash in opposition to ladies’s rights within the area in addition to worldwide. On the similar time, it reveals the facility of peaceable protest and the significance of feminist solidarity.

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