Modern Cosmetic Dentistry: Procedures Done by a Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide for Better Smiles

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Cosmetic dentists offer vital services to anyone who wants to straighten up and perfect their smiles. Discover what they have to offer by knowing the procedures that they can bring to the table.

There’s an old saying that says, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” Unfortunately, for many people, the first impression they give is their smile. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go in life — your smile is the most important part of your appearance. This blog post will discuss modern cosmetic dentistry practices and procedures that can help improve your smile! If you feel self-conscious about your teeth and gums look, then it may be time to consider cosmetic dentistry.

What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?

Cosmetic dentistry is the field of dental care that focuses on improving your smile. There are many different ways they can do this, including teeth whitening, veneers, fillings and implants. A cosmetic dentist Adelaide won’t just focus on one aspect to make it perfect — for example, if you had a filling come out because you bite down too hard or have some yellowing from old stains, then these two problems will be addressed with the same procedure.

What Procedures Can I Expect?

If you’re looking into getting work done by a cosmetic dentist, there are many options available to help improve your appearance! Here’s what procedures may look like:

Teeth Whitening

If stained teeth bother you and keep your confidence low, it’s time to do something about it. Teeth whitening is a standard procedure that can make teeth look cleaner and brighter. It’s also fast, safe, and affordable! Nothing feels better than having white and bright-looking teeth. So make sure you take advantage of teeth whitening brought to you by your cosmetic dentist.


If you’re not happy with your teeth’ colour or shape, veneers may be able to help. It is a thin layer of porcelain designed to cover up any imperfections in your smile. So whether you’re missing a half tooth or a full tooth, veneers can help patch up that problem for you.


Have some fillings come out because you bite down too hard? Maybe you have some yellowing from old stains on them — cosmetic dentistry services will address these problems together rather than just one at a time like most other medical procedures.

Dental Implants

If you’re missing teeth, don’t worry. You can get an implant that will give your smile a whole new look and feel. This procedure is more like having a tooth knocked out rather than getting it pulled from the roots with metal instruments or drilled down to nothingness. Dental implants are prosthetics that are made of titanium and “implanted” onto your jawbone.

Since the artificial teeth are inserted into your jawbone, it doesn’t weaken quickly. This procedure makes implants one of the most effective methods for replacing teeth. The downside of implants is that the colour of the artificial teeth might mismatch with your real ones.

Root Canals

A root canal is a procedure that will remove the nerve from your tooth and fill it with an inert material to relieve pain. Once this happens, you’ll need another crown to protect the tooth and make sure it doesn’t break down in case of pressure or trauma.

These are just a few procedures that a cosmetic dentist Adelaide can bring to the table. For more information about cosmetic dentistry, contact our hotline now.