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It’s secure to say that 2020 gave us greater than sufficient to cry about. But even previous to final yr, evidently we had been crying pretty typically. Researchers be aware that, on common, American girls cry 3.5 instances every month, whereas American males cry about 1.9 instances every month. These figures might take a few of us without warning, particularly as our society has typically checked out crying — significantly by males — as an indication of weak point and lack of emotional stamina.

Well being advantages of crying

As a phenomenon that’s distinctive to people, crying is a pure response to a variety of feelings, from deep unhappiness and grief to excessive happiness and pleasure. However is crying good in your well being? The reply seems to be sure. Medical advantages of crying have been recognized way back to the Classical period. Thinkers and physicians of historic Greece and Rome posited that tears work like a purgative, draining off and purifying us. At present’s psychological thought largely concurs, emphasizing the position of crying as a mechanism that permits us to release stress and emotional pain.

Crying is a vital security valve, largely as a result of protecting tough emotions inside — what psychologists name repressive coping — will be dangerous for our well being. Studies have linked repressive dealing with a much less resilient immune system, heart problems, and hypertension, in addition to with mental health conditions, together with stress, anxiousness, and melancholy. Crying has additionally been proven to extend attachment behavior, encouraging closeness, empathy, and help from family and friends.

Not all tears are created equal

Scientists divide the liquid product of crying into three distinct classes: reflex tears, steady tears, and emotional tears. The primary two classes carry out the necessary perform of eradicating particles similar to smoke and dirt from our eyes, and lubricating our eyes to assist shield them from an infection. Their content material is 98% water.

It’s the third class, emotional tears (which flush stress hormones and different toxins out of our system), that doubtlessly presents probably the most well being advantages. Researchers have established that crying releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, also called endorphins. These feel-good chemical compounds assist ease each bodily and emotional ache. Fashionable tradition, for its half, has at all times recognized the worth of cry as a approach to really feel higher — and possibly even to expertise bodily pleasure. The tens of millions of people that watched basic tearjerker movies similar to West Aspect Story or Titanic (amongst others) will probably attest to that truth.

Rethinking crying in boys and males

“I do know a person ain’t speculated to cry,” goes the lyric of a well-liked track, “however these tears I can’t maintain inside.” These phrases succinctly summarize many a person’s dilemma about emotional expression. From early on, boys are instructed that actual males don’t cry. When these boys develop up, they could stuff their emotions deep inside and withdraw emotionally from their family members, or self-medicate with alcohol or medicine, and even develop into suicidal. Many males subsequently have to be taught the abilities of the way to reconnect with their feelings. Again within the Nineteen Nineties, the poet Robert Bly led males’s seminars at which he taught the contributors the way to get in contact with their long-buried emotions of unhappiness and loss, and to weep brazenly in the event that they wanted to. Ideally, nevertheless, such training ought to start early on, at dwelling or at college, with adults making it secure for boys to speak about tough emotions.

Crying throughout COVID

As of this writing, the nation has registered over 500,000 deaths from COVID-19. The collective grief over these losses can solely be described as staggering. It’s no shock, then, that at instances like these our emotions are nearer to the floor, and that many individuals who weren’t beforehand vulnerable to crying discover themselves tearing up extra simply. Actually, as one medical skilled put it, showing emotion in public might have develop into a brand new regular.

When are tears an issue?

There are occasions when crying could be a signal of an issue, particularly if it occurs very ceaselessly and/or for no obvious purpose, or when crying begins to have an effect on every day actions or turns into uncontrollable. Conversely, individuals affected by sure sorts of medical melancholy may very well not be capable of cry, even once they really feel prefer it. In any of those conditions, it could be greatest to see a medical skilled who can assist diagnose the issue and counsel applicable remedy.


As difficult as it could be, one of the best ways to deal with tough emotions, together with unhappiness and grief, is to embrace them. You will need to permit your self to cry in the event you really feel prefer it. Ensure to take the time and discover a secure area to cry if you could. Many individuals affiliate crying throughout grief with melancholy, when it might probably really be an indication of therapeutic. Instructing boys and younger males that it’s okay to cry might cut back destructive well being behaviors and assist them have fuller lives.

If crying turns into overwhelming or uncontrollable, see a physician or psychological well being skilled for analysis and remedy.