Getting a Driver’s License: Expert Advice from Your Local Driving School in Brisbane


Experts in one of Brisbane’s top driving schools provide some great insight on what you should keep in mind when getting your driver’s license.

No matter where you are in Australia, knowing how to drive is essential. That’s why getting a driver’s license is an absolute must. So if you’re looking to enrol in a driving school in Brisbane in hopes of learning how to drive and getting your driver’s license, expert driving instructors from one of the city’s top driving schools have some important advice for you. 

What are the things you need to get your license?

According to the official Queensland Government website, you will need to first take a written test. It will cover various topics like road rules and regulations, road safety, road signs, and more. After that, you can practise using a learners test that’s immediately available online. 

If you take a learners test multiple times, you’ll get used to all of the items that may come out of the exam. Once you’re confident enough, you can then book for your learners’ written test. If you’re lucky, you can pass it in one go. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait for six months to retake the exam. 

Learner’s License

Once you pass the written test, you can get your learner’s license and start to practise driving to complete your supervised practice driving logbook. Since it’s supervised, you will need to practise driving with someone who has a driver’s license for at least one year. 

Keep in mind that the supervisor needs to have the same license as the transmission of the car you’re practising. So, for instance, if you are driving a manual car, your supervisor needs to have a manual driver’s license with them. The same goes for automatic. 


The logbook is where you will record your driving activity to ensure that your practice driving is legitimate. This logbook is available physically or as a mobile app. In Brisbane, you’ll need to log at least 100 hours of practise driving. In some states, you will need to log at least 120 hours, with a minimum of 20 hours dedicated to night driving. You must also hold your learner’s license for at least a year before you become eligible to take your practice road test.

If you drive with a certified driving instructor, one hour worth of practice will be equivalent to three hours. That means if you enrol in a driving school in Brisbane for 10 hour’s worth of practice driving, that would equal 30 hours on your logbook.

Driving Test

After submitting your logbook, you will then wait approximately two weeks for the Department of Transport to review and approve your application. Once you get the approval, you can then book a driving test at one DOT’s offices near your location. 

P1 & P2 License

If you pass your driving test, you will earn your Provisional 1 (P1) license. If you are over 25 years old, you can upgrade it to a Provisional 2 (P2) license. Once you have your license, you can now drive without supervision. 

If you are a learner who is under 25, you might be eligible for a learner logbook exemption. However, that would mean you will need to hold your learner’s license for two years before you attempt to get your license.